Tulips by stove.

When I started painting last year, I felt too intimidated by the process to attempt a large painting, but I thought it would be fun to try some smaller ones. I got it in my mind to make a series of what I thought of as ‘tiny paintings’ — paintings done on sheets of paper 6″ by 6″ in size — as a way to practice painting. I wanted to do ‘snapshots’ of my favorite images — of things that make me happy or of the scene at a moment when I felt happy or calm. I decided to do 104 of them (it seems like a random number, but it was exactly the number of 6″ by 6″ paintings that would neatly fill the space of the wall across from my bed — I would see my favorite things when I woke in the morning, accumulating weekly!)

I ended up making four paintings (only 100 short!). I realized I just wasn’t into the sort of paintings I was attempting — they felt too fussy, too full of detail. My heart left the project so I abandoned it (the space left by doing so would be soon filled — I’ll write more about that in some other post).

One of the four paintings I made was of a vase of tulips by my stove. I had several vases of tulips throughout the winter last year and I drew or painted several of them. Here are two of the paintings of tulips I made in my illustrated journal:

Orange tulips by stove 1 wm


Orange tulips by stove 2 wm

This is the tiny painting of the vase of tulips:


Orange tulips on counter.

Orange tulips of counter.


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