So, I’m painting

You might expect to find me talking about writing here, since I have been writing for many years and it is a subject I am both familiar with and fond of. But lately, I don’t feel much like talking about writing. I feel more like talking about painting.

If you had told me a year ago I’d be painting so much now, I would have thought you were off your rocker. Not only was I not painting at all this time last year, I had no plans to do so. I have never painted in my life. It was one of those ‘when I am old and no longer feel like working with words, perhaps I will take up painting’ sorts of fantasies—way in the future, with no real substance. So imagine my surprise when, on January 30 of this year, I was suddenly seized with an impulse to paint. I was sitting in front of the fire eating some leftover peanuts from Five Guys with a glass of red wine, and the scene looked so cool, and I thought: I wonder if I could paint this. So I gave it a try.

I had a watercolor set on hand that I picked up at Blick’s because I was reading about making color comics/keeping an illustrated journal at the time and I thought I’d like give that a try at some point. So I grabbed the set and painted my first watercolor painting in the sketchbook I had been using to make comics. Here it is: my masterpiece of Five Guys peanuts and a glass of red wine.

Peanuts & wine & notebooks

Peanuts & wine & notebooks


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