The most succinct picture of heaven.

I read a review of the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibit that is currently at MOMA in, of all of places, Time magazine while waiting for my car to be made legal today. I had no idea this one photographer was behind so many of my favorite photographs. No idea, because I am sort of a clueless girl who apparently lives under a rock. Reading about the motivation and philosophy that is behind his work made me think of the pattern seeker/photographer in my novel. According to the review, he came to believe that ‘if a photographer simply gave himself over to the chance encounters of the day and captured them at the right instant, a snapshot could drive straight to the heart of the uncanny.’ Straight to the heart of the uncanny. I like that phrase.

The photograph that is on the MOMA page–Juvisy, France–has always been one of my favorite photographs. There is so much happening in it, visually and story-wise. There is so much compression and movement in it.

I would give my right hand to see this show. (well, not really…I’m being dramatic. I’m reading a novel about someone who has lost his right hand, and–to be frank–doesn’t sound like much fun). Suffice it to say: I would love to see this show.


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