Telling a story with true light and shadow.

A good photographer knows how to capture light in a way that suspends a moment in authenticity and truth.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, partly due to my own observances, recently, regarding light–the way it is actually a living thing, moving and shifting throughout the day, casting the same scene or subject in a different, well–for lack of a better word– ‘light’ as the day progresses. Light has the power to shift the narrative from moment to moment, from day to day, simply through its compelling quality of transience.

I’ve also been thinking about light and the ‘capturing’ of it to paint a narrative due to looking at the photographs of Harold Feinstein, whose work is currently being shown in Boston. This is a photographer who knows how to use light to tell a story, whether it is told by the shadows cast on a boulevard, or the by the lace-like luminance playing across a woman’s thighs. There’s a story within these images–a compelling, true, and authentic narrative, created by light and completed with shadow.


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